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Thanx for checking out my new Blog: "THE VIBE TECHNICIAN" -

So here’s how it’s going to work - I’ll be writing about new stuff, and old "what?? I can't believe you don't know her!!" stuff -

It' going to be about stuff you need and stuff "You really don't need it but OMG it's sooo cool" - and it's going to be about all kinds of art from all over the globe.

As a part of my life ideology - I'll write mainly about women -

But having said that I'm not going to exclude no one - so there will be some rare guys that will make it through as well :)

A bit about my self - I'm a DJ/PRODUCER from Tel-Aviv (Which I'm in love with… but hey.. i'm also in love with rescue remedy… so you know…) - I'm 31 yrs old - and been traveling the world to play music and see new sites for the last 12 years.

I hope this blog will open you up for some really hot stuff, deep stuff, spiritual stuff, comfort and eye opening stuff.

I'll be happy to get your comments and recommendations for the up & coming blogs.

Peace and Love

Let’s get started.....


Saidah Baba Talibah

I met Saidah at Germany’s biggest women festival L BEACH - lots of artist perform in the festival.. but when I saw her name on the flyer - I said to my self.. “this one’s gotta be something special...”.. And guess what.. I WAS SOOOO RIGHT!

Saidah Baba Talibah and her all female band gave an amazing show that night...

The energy they brought was super sexy... the “not afraid of anything” kinda artist I like!

Saidah moved on the stage like she were dancing in her own private room - or should I say badroom... The sound was a mix of funk-rock-soulful vibe - And her looks was just perfect.

I should really mention her keybored player Irina Angelov Mladenovic - My hair twinnie - for doing an amazing job music and energy wise.

Saidah baba taliba PR photo

I asked Saidah 3 Questions that I think are interesting -

1. who's your most beloved female artist?

Minnie Riperton. I would love to be a gentle singer like her, and her range is incredible, but alas I’m a little more Tina Turner than Minnie Riperton, but that ain't half bad.

2. Tell me one crazy/funny story from touring around the world?

The second time we were in France, we stayed in a small town called Cheval – tiny, tiny town with horses (cheval is French for horse). Anyhow, excited about having made it to our bed & breakfast after driving hours from the UK, taking the tunnel and everything. We went to the local store, got food and wine, about 4 bottles of wine and drank all 4 bottles between us three ladies, called home to Canada and got a noise complaint from the dudes in the band trying to sleep and the neighbours. Way to be nerdy rock n rollers! Hah!

3. What was the best gig you ever had?

The best gig we ever had was in Mulhouse, France. The energy in the room was electric! But being the Libran diplomatic person that I am, I’d say that there have been some pretty fucking awesome gigs after that time, including L-Beach in Hamburg, Germany.


07.26.2013 CALGARY FOLKFEST (Calgary, AB)

07.27.2013 CALGARY FOLKFEST (Calgary, AB)

08.02.2013 DUNDAS SQUARE (Toronto, ON)


For this one - I didn’t think twice...

She’s something really unique - and I’m sure lot’s of people won’t get it - But a good artist for me is a controversial one.

BILLIE GIN - aka - Danielle Cohen Dinar - really caught my attention when she once facebooked a photo of herself crying and agonising and wrote on the side: “no one ever takes a photo of something they want to forget.

No one but me that is. “

Since then I started to pay attention for what this girl’s doing - there’s something very deep and emotional about how she express her self.

BILLIE GIN by tammy weiss

Photo by Tami weiss

Billie gin started dancing from a very young age - She did some video work in the past but this days she mainly perform on stage directly to live audience.

She do Body Suspension live art - and other some say “extreme” stage art - but I say - she’s one of kind - sexual - not ashamed- not apologizing - an artist with a real statement.

Her favourite artist is marina abramovic of course - (The artist is present is one of the best Documentary movies ever made).


If you still don’t have one - GO GET IT!!!

The Mighty wallets are the coolest wallet around - it’s not new - and it’s been around for a long time - but still super enviroment friendly - and respect the people who buy it.

The mighty wallets are made out of Tyvek(high-density polyethylene fibers) - and designed originally by Terrence Kelleman back in 2005 - and every wallet is folded entirely out of a single sheet - and are resistible against water.

It’s really just perfect (If you don’t have small change :) - and it’s super cool.

They even do an artist collective this days - which you can deisgn your own mighy wallet and if you pre-sell 30 of your wallets - you are IN - The company will produce a full line and you can get 15% of the sales!

So go get it - it’s not even expensive and you have it around the world or on the online shop for around 15$.


new york subway mighty wallet

DJ Michal Serr

31 yrs old, born and raise in Tel-Aviv, israel, Djing at Tel-aviv night scene and all around the world since 2001 -  Pop, Dance, House, Hip-Hop and Disco...  I respect the past and the music basics.
Produce 2 party lines for women in Tel-Aviv - Bug 2000 & Tetris. and resident DJ at "It's Britney bitch" huge parties.

I believe that love & music comes together... and this is the message that I try to bring with me to every party...
Played in Israel, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc....

Passion, love, good vibes & music - this is what it's all about.

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